• The Lyons Gallery

    The Lyons Gallery

    The Lyons Gallery has recently upgraded and expanded from the hustling Paddington, and is now located in the centre of Darlinghurst, on Victoria Street. It boasts two levels of never seen in Sydney before, contemporary, pop art and fine art photography from the most collected artists in the world.


    Lyons Gallery curates audio and visual installations like never before seen in any commercial gallery in Australia.

    The landmark building has an open terrace where collectors will not only be able to enjoy the blue chip art by internationally-acclaimed artists, but also the amazing views of the local area.

    Lyons Gallery Australasia is a high end Fine Art Photography gallery that specialises in celebrity photography from the most prestigious and collected photographers & contemporary artists in the world.


    Lyons gallery sells limited Edition Artworks to art collectors & investors who love art.


    Lyons Gallery provides an annual programme of visually spectacular, engaging and relevant modern art photography, urban art, pop art, pop culture and an archive of celebrity images never before released to the public.