Art Advisory

Lyons Gallery Art Advisory provides advice on art purchases, guiding our clients through the complex and often overwhelming landscape of the contemporary art market. Whether you are a new investor or an established collector, Lyons Gallery Art Advisory provides tailored, comprehensive assistance that meets your financial and acquisition goals.


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Art Consultation

Lyons Gallery Advisory works closely with collectors to develop and manage an art collection with a holistic approach. Our team of experts provide clients with invaluable insights, to ensure the right decisions are made when buying and selling. 


Portfolio Management

Lyons Gallery Advisory can assist in the management of your art collection. From establishing a collection strategy, our team has the depth of expertise and practical experience to offer a service that meets your requirements, whether a new or established art collector.


Sourcing Artworks

Lyons Gallery Art Advisory research and sources artworks to realise the collection goals of our clients. This is a strong component of our advisory service through our network. Our art advisors have high level access to source artworks by some of the world's most sought-after artists.



Lyons Gallery Art Advisory are here to bring your design ideas to life with our full curation service. We work directly with you to help you select the right piece for any space.


Advisory Expertise


Installation & Handling

Lyons Gallery moves, handles,and installs fine artworks with expert care and skill in any environment from luxury hotel resorts, high end retailers to professional offices and private residences. Whether hanging a single painting in a living room or installing an immersive gallery exhibition, Lyons Gallery has years of experience and a qualified team of experts to ensure that artworks of any type or size are handled with exquisite skill and care.



Our custom art framing, mounting and matting services are handled by experienced experts who can showcase all types of artworks with professional gallery and museum-level quality. Our framing artisans can help you choose from many varieties of frame styles and materials, matting and glazing options, which include glass, plexiglass and UV filter protection. The value of the customers artwork will be instantly enhanced by bespoke framing, and it will continue to last for decades to come.


Shipping & Logistics

Lyons Gallery provides full shipping and transport services to move your valued fine art with expert care anywhere, whether locally or to the other side of the globe. We ship artworks safely to their destination, whether that is local, domestic or international. For international shipping, import and export documentation are managed for you with frictionless ease and white-glove-level care. All are packed and handled with care by our experienced logistics team who work daily with galleries, artists and private collections to ensure that priceless assets are given the treatment they deserve.

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Our Art Advisory Team



The trusted relationships and collective experience of our advisory team guarantees indispensable market insights to grow your collection with confidence. Our Art Advisors detailed knowledge of the contemporary art market combined with investment insights and portfolio management expertise provides sagacity and confidence for new and established collectors alike.