Shaaz Jung is a professional wildlife photographer, cinematographer and big cat specialist. He has grown up in the forests, and his connection with the wilds of India is centuries old. Shaaz hails from the royal family of Central India, a land known for its magnificent flora and fauna.

  • Shaaz Jung, The Great Thirst, 2016
    The Great Thirst, 2016
  • Shaaz Jung, The Great Thirst
    The Great ThirstAUD 6,050.00
  • Shaaz Jung, Air Flight Of The Unseen
    Air Flight Of The Unseen
  • Shaaz Jung, Burning Bright
    Burning BrightAUD 6,050.00
  • Shaaz Jung, Catching Paradise
    Catching Paradise
  • Shaaz Jung, March Of The Titan
    March Of The Titan
  • Shaaz Jung, Shadow King
    Shadow King
  • Shaaz Jung, Shadow King
    Shadow KingAUD 6,050.00
  • Shaaz Jung, Shadow Queen
    Shadow Queen
  • Shaaz Jung, Shadow Queen
    Shadow Queen
  • Shaaz Jung, Shadow Tiger
    Shadow Tiger
  • Shaaz Jung, Shadow Tiger
    Shadow TigerAUD 20,900.00
  • Shaaz Jung, Solidarity
  • Shaaz Jung, Summon The Sun
    Summon The Sun
  • Shaaz Jung, The Bull
    The Bull
  • Shaaz Jung, The King
    The King
  • Shaaz Jung, The King
    The KingAUD 13,750.00
  • Shaaz Jung, The Roar
    The Roar
  • Shaaz Jung, The Son And The Sun
    The Son And The Sun
  • Shaaz Jung, The Tower
    The Tower
  • Shaaz Jung, The Watcher
    The Watcher
  • Shaaz Jung, Through The Fog
    Through The Fog
  • Shaaz Jung, Winds Of Serengeti
    Winds Of Serengeti

Shaaz Jung is a naturalist, big cat tracker, professional wildlife photographer and cinematographer. Having studied Economics at Utrecht University, Shaaz left the corporate world to follow his passion. He helped establish eco-friendly wildlife camps in South India and East Africa where he now runs specialized guided tours. His camp in South India is known as The Bison and he has a close affiliation with Africa Under Canvas, where he often leads wildlife and photographic expeditions. He is also a founder and trustee of The Buffer Conflict Resolution Trust of India (BCRTI), a non profit organization that addresses conflicts within the buffer regions of protected forests in South India. Shaaz has spent years studying game movement and specializes in tracking leopards and the black panther. He is currently guiding and filming for Nat Geo WILD and Symbio Studios.


Shaaz’s photography portfolio, exhibitions and private safaris can be viewed in the Photography section. His current project, which shifted this years focus from photography to videography, can been read about on the Cinematography page.


To know more about Shaaz and his journey, please visit his About Me section. Over the past decade, his work has been published online in several newspapers, magazines and blogs which can be viewed on the Publications page. To stay updated and see Shaaz’s most recent work, you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook or visit the Social Media page on this website. Shaaz’s fine art Prints are available for purchase.


The Bison Resort and Shaaz Jung also offer some great opportunities for youngsters to learn about the area, people, the man-animal conflict, eco-tourism and hotel management. Visit the Conservation page to know more about its volunteer programs, projects, the Backwater Sanctuary, and more.


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