Born in Sydney, Australia, Gary Heery studied sociology and psychology at the University of New South Wales. In 1974 he moved to the US where he co-founded India America, a magazine chronicling Native American society and culture in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two years later he moved to Los Angeles where he photographed album covers for Roy Orbison, Frank Zappa, Ray Charles, B.B. King and Joe Cocker. He also shot portraits of film and music stars for magazines including Life, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Interview. In 1981, Heery moved to New York, opening a studio in Soho where he photographed album covers for Madonna and Paul Simon (Graceland) and advertising campaigns for Swatch, Karl Lagerfeld and Sony.


  • Gary Heery, Black Cockatoos, 2021
    Black Cockatoos, 2021AUD 8,250.00
  • Gary Heery, Horse Kneeling, 2021
    Horse Kneeling, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Hyacinth Leaf, 2021
    Hyacinth Leaf, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Kookaburras, 2021
    Kookaburras, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Macaw, 2021
    Macaw, 2021AUD 8,250.00
  • Gary Heery, Magnolia, 2021
    Magnolia, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Owl, 2021
    Owl, 2021AUD 21,890.00
  • Gary Heery, Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, 2021
    Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, 2021AUD 12,100.00
  • Gary Heery, Red tailed Black Cockatoo, 2021
    Red tailed Black Cockatoo, 2021AUD 5,500.00
  • Gary Heery, Red tailed Cockatoo, 2021
    Red tailed Cockatoo, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Roaring Horse, 2021
    Roaring Horse, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Stalion Rising, 2021
    Stalion Rising, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Suncor Birds, 2021
    Suncor Birds, 2021
  • Gary Heery, Suncor Birds, 2021
    Suncor Birds, 2021

Since returning to Sydney in 1987, Heery has worked in advertising and fashion with clients such as American Express, Pepsi, Westpac, Telstra, Toyota, Lane Crawford, Qantas and Coca-Cola. He has shot award-winning campaigns for the Australian Wool Board, Trent Nathan, Dove and Sony. He was a three-time finalist in the Citi Bank Portrait Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW, a finalist in the National Gallery Portrait Prize and was selected for the American Photographer Annual. His exhibitions and books include Nudes (1994), Zoo (1996), Grandiflora (2000), Twins (2005), Grandiflora Arrangements (2007), Horses (2009), Winged (2011), Undergrowth (2012) and Gary Heery: Selected Works (2013).


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