Motivated by his natural affinity for nature and wildlife; in addition to his adventurous spirit and fasciation with all things intricate and unusual, Leary‘s passion for Fine Art photography evolved as he embarked on a journey across the unforgiving terrains of the Australian Outback.


His collection ‘Wild Brumbies of Australia’, explores the iconic Australian Brumbies that roam in the harshest environments in the Australian Outback. To Leary, the Brumby symbolises “freedom and rawness” and “The Spirit of Australia” which he can share with the rest of the world.

  • Nick Leary, Aerial 13, 2012
    Aerial 13, 2012AUD 2,750.00
  • Nick Leary, Black Beauty, 2012
    Black Beauty, 2012AUD 2,750.00
  • Nick Leary, Emu Egg, 2012
    Emu Egg, 2012
  • Nick Leary, Portrait, 2012
    Portrait, 2012AUD 2,750.00
  • Nick Leary, Boot Portrait, 2011
    Boot Portrait, 2011
  • Nick Leary, Returning Boomerangs, 2011
    Returning Boomerangs, 2011
  • Nick Leary, Rugged Stock
    Rugged Stock
  • Nick Leary, Storm Horses II
    Storm Horses II
  • Nick Leary, Wild Duo
    Wild Duo
  • Nick Leary, Wild Duo
    Wild DuoAUD 8,800.00
  • Nick Leary, Wild Stallion
    Wild Stallion

For over 20 years, image maker Nick Leary has journeyed the world over in search of truth, beauty and magic. His inspired quest has shaped him into an internationally acclaimed artist producing stunning visuals in fine art, photography anf film. Celebrated across the globe, his artistry contiunes to leave an imprint on the soul of all those who encounter it. 


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