Harry Skeggs is a rapidly emerging young photographer, already being cited as the next generation of top wildlife photography. Even at a very early stage of his career, Harry has won, and been finalist for, a number of top flight international awards and has leaped to prominence in the National Geographic sphere, both as a leading photographer but also as a keynote speaker for the annual UK masterclasses. 


Harry’s work is fuelled by his background in the literary and visual arts. Having received his master’s degree in History of Art from Magdalene College Cambridge, Harry is a particular expert in compositional and narrative techniques derived from the old masters. This eye for the arts was discerned by Sothebys, with Harry winning their literary prize to work for the celebrated auction house, which serves as a testament to his appreciation of the arts. Harry looks to blend this academic approach with a modern narrative and artistic medium to create imagery that truly qualifies as art. 

  • Harry Skeggs, Generation
  • Harry Skeggs, Killer Smiler
    Killer SmilerAUD 3,190.00
  • Harry Skeggs, Killer Smiler
    Killer Smiler
  • Harry Skeggs, Lime Light
    Lime Light
  • Harry Skeggs, Long Live The King
    Long Live The KingAUD 9,790.00
  • Harry Skeggs, Long Live The King
    Long Live The King
  • Harry Skeggs, Making Waves
    Making Waves
  • Harry Skeggs, Matriarch
  • Harry Skeggs, Scar
    ScarAUD 2,860.00
  • Harry Skeggs, Scar
  • Harry Skeggs, Tooth & Nail
    Tooth & NailAUD 28,600.00
  • Harry Skeggs, Ulysses
  • Harry Skeggs, White World
    White WorldAUD 4,180.00
  • Harry Skeggs, White World
    White World

"I’m a multiple award winning photographer living in London, with a passion for all forms of wildlife, the cornerstone of my photographic style. I have been privileged to travel extensively, to over 80 countries across 6 continents, which has sparked both travel and culture as strong sub-themes in my work.

I am an adventurer at heart, which I seek to pour into my photography. From close ups of wild cats, to swimming amongst tiger sharks, I am always excited by new prospects to experience our wild earth and the photographic opportunities they offer to the bold. 


I am committed to capturing the beauty of our natural the world as it should be – wild and free. The animals in my work are untrained, unharrassed and unbaited. 


My work has been featured by some of the largest names in the travel and wildlife industry, as well as receiving a number of global awards and nominations, some of which are listed below. I am also represented by top galleries worldwide – prints are available for sale through these galleries and online, with my work sold to clients across the world. 


I hope you enjoy the photos published here. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying prints, commissioning an assignment or if you would just like to discuss nature photography, I would love to hear from you." - Harry Skeggs 


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