Jacqlyn Burnett is an emerging artist and painter that focuses on energetically charged, colourful mixed media. Her photo fusion work combines classic, timeless images and modernises them with colour and energy.

  • Jacqlyn Burnett, NY Bunny Rooftop, 2018
    NY Bunny Rooftop, 2018
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Bunny In NY
    Bunny In NY
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Counting Sheep
    Counting Sheep
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Galaxy Gone Wild
    Galaxy Gone Wild
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Heels in Monte Carlo
    Heels in Monte Carlo
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Jammin'
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Let's Go To The Beach
    Let's Go To The Beach
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Looking Glass
    Looking Glass
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Musical Colours
    Musical Colours
  • Jacqlyn Burnett, Silky Sky
    Silky Sky

Jacqlyn Burnett is an American artist and painter that focuses on energetically charged, colorful mixed media canvasses and murals.


Born and raised in Orchard Lake, Michigan, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She graduated from Michigan State University with a major in communication with an emphasis in Journalism to prepare her for a career working in business entertainment. 


Finding an inner passion for artwork along her stops in fashion design, graphic design, and modeling before landing in Los Angeles that led her to make the decision to pursue a career as a professional artist.


Drawing inspiration from artists and photographers such as Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, and Alec Monopoly, Jacqlyn has been steadily growing her portfolio and presence in the industry.  Currently she is collaborating on collections with several galleries and will be releasing new collections and merchandise Fall 2019.  Her work has been exhibited in the W Hotel Hollywood and private galleries worldwide.


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