Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, commonly known as Lord Snowdon, was a world-renowned photographer and documentarian.


At first, Lord Snowdon’s photography focused almost exclusively on design, fashion and theatre. Soon, He managed to establish himself as a successful portraitist through his photos of British royals, including Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in 1957.


  • Lord Snowden, Princess Margaret Dip in Diamonds, 1962
    Princess Margaret Dip in Diamonds, 1962AUD 209,000.00
    Lord Snowden, Princess Margaret Dip in Diamonds, 1962
  • Lord Snowden, Princess Diana
    Princess Diana

Born Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones on March 7, 1930 in London, Armstrong-Jones, best known to friends and family as Tony, was the son of Welsh barrister Ronald Armstrong-Jones and Anne Messel. When he was very young, his parents divorced, and Tony and his older sister Susan went to live with their mother, who married Lawrence Parsons, Sixth Earl of Rosse, when Tony was five.


His childhood in the Earl of Rosse's house was reportedly not a loving one. In Armstrong-Jones's obituary, The Guardian described it as “a loveless and emotionally starved childhood,” in which Tony was “treated as distinctly inferior" to his mother's two sons with the earl.


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