With collectors from Dubai to Sydney LA, New York Switzerland and much more Mendel is quickly becoming a known name for art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Mendel, Blueberries, 2020
    Blueberries, 2020
  • Mendel, Koala #1, 2020
    Koala #1, 2020
  • Mendel, Koala #2, 2020
    Koala #2, 2020
  • Mendel, Pink Party, 2020
    Pink Party, 2020
  • Mendel, You Scream, 2020
    You Scream, 2020
  • Mendel, Waves, 2019
    Waves, 2019

Mendel Treitel grew up in Montreal (Hampstead Quebec, Canada). Since discovering his great joy in creating, he never stopped developing it even while rabbinical school in his early twenties. 


Mendel is most known for his signature "Bouquet" and Keith haring esque. 


Mendel's mission is to organize the chaos of the the world by creating a display of passion  that is defined and organized.


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