Tyler Shields. “Considered the Andy Warhol of his generation, Shields has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies and cinematographic practice, but his Mouthful series of works are among his best known” – Sotheby’s

Tyler Shields is an American photographer, screenwriter and director. He has earned the nickname of “Hollywood’s favourite photographer” and has become a favourite of Hollywood’s elite and worldwide collectors alike.

His work is bold, provocative, unapologetic and audacious. He has been considered "the Andy Warhol of his generation" by The prestigious fine art broker Sotheby's and has created campaigns for brands including Nike, Adidas, Playboy and Harley Davidson, amongst many others.

  • Tyler Shields, Chanel No. 5, 2021
    Chanel No. 5, 2021
  • Tyler Shields, Edge Of The World, 2020
    Edge Of The World, 2020
  • Tyler Shields, Match, 2020
    Match, 2020
  • Tyler Shields, Mystery In The Mouth, 2020
    Mystery In The Mouth, 2020
  • Tyler Shields, Mystery In The Mouth, 2020
    Mystery In The Mouth, 2020
  • Tyler Shields, Chanel Legs, 2019
    Chanel Legs, 2019
  • Tyler Shields, Lace, 2019
    Lace, 2019
  • Tyler Shields, Orchid, 2019
    Orchid, 2019
  • Tyler Shields, Ruby Slippers II, 2019
    Ruby Slippers II, 2019
  • Tyler Shields, Louis Vuitton Legs, 2018
    Louis Vuitton Legs, 2018
  • Tyler Shields, The Lady And The Lion, 2018
    The Lady And The Lion, 2018
  • Tyler Shields, Under The Rain, 2018
    Under The Rain, 2018
  • Tyler Shields, Bunny II, 2017
    Bunny II, 2017
  • Tyler Shields, Pop Art, 2017
    Pop Art, 2017
  • Tyler Shields, Salt Flats, 2017
    Salt Flats, 2017
  • Tyler Shields, Burning LV, 2016
    Burning LV, 2016
  • Tyler Shields, Lamborghini Heel, 2016
    Lamborghini Heel, 2016
  • Tyler Shields, Python Birkin II, 2016
    Python Birkin II, 2016
  • Tyler Shields, Girls At The Beach, 2015
    Girls At The Beach, 2015
  • Tyler Shields, Gator Birkin Monochrome, 2014
    Gator Birkin Monochrome, 2014
  • Tyler Shields, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, 2014
    Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, 2014
  • Tyler Shields, Champagne Kiss, 2013
    Champagne Kiss, 2013
  • Tyler Shields, Chanel Ballet, 2012
    Chanel Ballet, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Chanel Champagne, 2012
    Chanel Champagne, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Gator Birkin Tug Of War I, 2012
    Gator Birkin Tug Of War I, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Gator Birkin Tug Of War II, 2012
    Gator Birkin Tug Of War II, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Glitter Mouth, 2012
    Glitter Mouth, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Glitter Nose, 2012
    Glitter Nose, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Mouthful, 2012
    Mouthful, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Prada Popcorn, 2012
    Prada Popcorn, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Prada popcorn, 2012
    Prada popcorn, 2012
  • Tyler Shields, Primary Lips, 2012
    Primary Lips, 2012

Tyler Shields has made a name for himself as one of the most celebrated fine art photographers. But before the world knew Shields as the photo provacatuer that he is today, he seemingly lived a life as complex and diverse as his pictures. As a child growing up in Jacksonville Florida Shields became a professional in-line skater and went on to compete in the x games and win the world championship. At an early age Shields became custom to success and the unwavering dedication that it takes to be the best. So it should come as no surprise that shortly after starting his photography career Shields became the youngest living artist to be in auction at Sotheby’s. Countless auctions later Sotheby’s demed him “the Andy Warhol of his generation.” Stating that “Shields has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies and cinematographic practice”. He has galleries with record breaking attendance across the globe and his limited addition prints are some of the most sought after images in the world, with a total of just 3 images ever made in each of his Available sizes. Name a celebrity and Shields has probably shot them; from Hollywood legends like Bruce Willis to industry titans like Elon musk and everyone in between. His earliest work broke the internet with images featuring Lindsey Lohan running wild through LA, Emma Roberts jumping off of buildings and countless other young A-list stars doing what every magazine told him could not be done. At the start of his career Shields was turned away by every magazine in publication all of which told him that there was no way a celebrity would ever shoot outside of a studio and that his lavish stunts broadcasted across every website meant nothing because and I quote “the internet was never going to replace magazines”. Today the very same magazines would need a miracle to find a time where Tyler was available for a commission with his constant revolving door of galleries. Galleries with the very images he was told would be “impossible” to take. Once you witness him in action behind the lens there are few words that can describe what shooting with Tyler Shields is like. Shields has had his models run from planes flying feet over their heads, and holding $100,000 Burkins on fire next to their faces. Not to mention his image titled Lady And The Lion where Shields had me dangle a steak over a live lions mouth. The list of life threatening things we have  done in the name of art is a mile long. But not once have I been scared when shooting with Tyler. He makes you feel like the impossible is always possible. Perhaps that’s why his best work is nothing short of magic. The shots shouldn’t exist. People shouldn’t want to be set on fire or climb naked up an electrical tower during a wind storm, but they do and they do so happily. In fact most people show up asking Shields to push them. Everyone is simply transfixed by his presence and are willing to do whatever needs to be done to bring his vision to life. Watching him work is when you get to see the real magic that is Shields. In a way he is both the photographer and the model. His vision is so clear that he will adjust you right down to your pinky finger before he takes a shot. He has perfected the art of making anyone and everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens and understood by the images he captures. Now well into his career Shields still has a never ending list of images stored in his mind just waiting to be captured and he plans to do just that for the rest of his life. Constantly pushing the envelope and the concept of what can be done with a man and his camera.


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