I am a contemporary artist who lives and works in Seville although part of my family comes from France.


I create works of art inspired by bullfighting, pop and urban art. Currently my works are on display and for sale in galleries in Seville, Portugal, London and soon in Berlin and Mexico. Collectors from all over the world have works of mine in their collection.


I have achieved my dream, that art is the work of my life.


I enjoy the challenge of exploring new and inventive techniques, to create unique pieces full of strength and feeling.


Currently in this path of challenges I am working with a very special support, sheets of old books, apparently fragile but resistant as life itself, I give them a new life by rescuing them from recycling and turning them into art.


I like to choose subjects that fascinate me and that transmit force. Almost always the protagonist of my works is the woman.


The pictorial medium that joins this creation, together with the sheets of books, is the tinta and the capricious watercolor, it is a great challenge to get what you want with ink and water colors, sometimes I need several attempts to achieve the finish What I want, there is no room for error, but when you get it the result is magical and