"I bring the forgotten into our current life. I am passionate about exploring our past in order to bring it into our present moments in everyday life.


My responsibility as an artist is to create art that brings the public closer to the moments and stories of our lives so that they are not forgotten. The world moves as quickly as we do. That’s why, I take a pause and paint all of those moments in my work, so that we don’t lose our history. 


Art is important to me. It is my purpose. It gave me a home and a special way for me to express myself and tell the stories of our world. It gave me a voice and a platform to inspire, bring joy, and add creativity to the world. 


Many corporations have commissioned him: CBS, TV network (executive offices), JP Morgan, Yale New Haven Hospital, a variety of murals for a public company, and numerous private collectors have purchased Morico’s paintings world-wide. Galleries from Boston to the U.K. show his work." - David 

  • David Morico, Bowie, 2022
    Bowie, 2022
  • David Morico, Dom, 2022
    Dom, 2022
  • David Morico, Elvis, 2022
    Elvis, 2022
  • David Morico, Marilyn, 2022
    Marilyn, 2022
  • David Morico, Material Girl, 2022
    Material Girl, 2022
  • David Morico, Vogue, 2022
    Vogue, 2022
  • David Morico, 007, 2021
    007, 2021
  • David Morico, 5¢ Bubble, 2021
    5¢ Bubble, 2021
  • David Morico, Audrey (Happy Girls), 2021
    Audrey (Happy Girls), 2021
  • David Morico, Diana, 2021
    Diana, 2021
  • David Morico, Man Of Steel, 2021
    Man Of Steel, 2021
  • David Morico, Pow!, 2021
    Pow!, 2021
  • David Morico, Sexy Brigitte Bardot, 2021
    Sexy Brigitte Bardot, 2021
  • David Morico, Spiderman, 2021
    Spiderman, 2021
  • David Morico, Woman Power, 2021
    Woman Power, 2021

"My background is art directing, designing, concepting for shopper marketing and corporate design firms. I worked with many top brands coming up with creative solutions that make campaigns profitable and successful.

With such important knowledge of design and marketing skills, I started promoting my art as a brand. I'm a successful pop-artist and abstract painter. My art has been purchased by top corporations such as: Princess Cruise Line, Chase Bank, CBS TV Network and Global Foods. Both art galleries, interior designers and private collectors have purchased my art.

Having a positive attitude brings great success in all aspects of creating!" - David 


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