With a passion for art and photography, and a background in make-up artistry and fashion design, Amanda’s art is a mix of her passions and desires. From feminist nudes, to luxury fashion, served in rich colour, every piece is designed to celebrate femininity. 

  • Amanda Johnstone, Hot Pants, 2021
    Hot Pants, 2021
  • Amanda Johnstone, Loewe Bunch, 2021
    Loewe Bunch, 2021
  • Amanda Johnstone, Love In Colour, 2021
    Love In Colour, 2021
  • Amanda Johnstone, Love Me With Rose, 2021
    Love Me With Rose, 2021
  • Amanda Johnstone, Package Me Up, 2021
    Package Me Up, 2021
  • Amanda Johnstone, She's Golden, 2021
    She's Golden, 2021
  • Amanda Johnstone, Surfing On Ciaga, 2021
    Surfing On Ciaga, 2021

Amanda has diverse training with a strong background in fashion and design, including a degree in Fashion Design and a Diploma in makeup artistry; strongly focused on fashion and film. 


With a passion for interior design, photography and contemporary art, Amanda’s art is a blend of fashion icons and striking colours, merged with textures and landscapes, resulting in a stunning collage effect. 


All of Amanda’s pieces have a strong focus on femineity, fashion and pop art, mixed with a sense of contemporary luxury. 


Amanda is based in Melbourne, Australia, where she has been a partner of an International Italian furniture, lighting and art Showroom for 13 years. Being based in such a culturally rich and diverse city allows Amanda to showcase and explore her passions of art and beauty with inspiration around every corner. 


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