• David Bailey speaks to the Lyons Gallery

    At the end of last year we visited David Bailey at his iconic Central London studio. He spoke to us and recounted the stories and memories behind the 6 photographs he personally chose for us, which are now available at the Lyons Gallery

  • 5 Essential Tips for Collecting Pop Art

    Pop art emerged in the United States in the early 1960s and took the art world by storm. The popularity of the movement at the time was staggering, and remains so today.

  • 6 Key Factors Driving Art Collectors (from Aesthetics to Investment)

    Never before have more people been engaged with art and has there been such demand in Sydney art for saleWhile each collector is guided by a unique set of decision-making factors when acquiring works, several key themes and demographic variances stand out.

  • 6 Facts about Michael Moebius

    Michael Moebius is a German artist who is turning pop-art and popular culture on its head with striking, almost innocent symbolism. He's better known for his hyperrealistic and extremely detailed bubble gum portraits, which have become a favourite amongst interior designers and investors all over the world. 


    In this article we share 6 facts that you might not know about him.