6 Celebrities Who Invest in Art


Art investment is chic and it's common practice in the celebrity world. Well-known singers, actors, and even members of royalty have invested in art ranging from paintings to sculpture to photography.

Who are your favourite celebrity art collectors? Why do you think these celebrities are attracted to alternative investment options? Lets find out.

Here are some of the best-known art collectors in the world.

1. Prince Harry

Prince Harry is actually known to be a lover of art who studied art and art history before going on to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

In 2017, Prince Harry came into the Lyons Gallery and purchased a lovely Van Donna piece called Everybody Needs Somebody to Love. This black and white piece is elegant in its simplicity. It's the perfect piece to hang over your bed or in a quiet, contemplative place.

What attracted him to this acrylic spray paint on canvas?

It was a romantic gesture and said to be a gift for his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle. That investment could become a life-long treasure, shared by the happy royal couple.

2. Madonna

Madonna is known to have an art collection worth more than $100 million. Today, she buys works from artists including Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Fernand Leger. Her tastes are colourful and bold and very fitting of a woman who has made a career from bold self-expression.

Her first purchase? Fernand Leger's bright and bold Les Deux Bicyclettes, a purchase she made for almost a million dollars. This vibrant piece of art is inspiring in its beauty and fascinating in its study of line and colour.

Madonna's love of Frida Kahlo could be an indication that she appreciates works by strong women artists. Makes sense for the Material Girl, doesn't it?

3. Neil Patrick Harris

This well-known and beloved celebrity has a good collection of work by up and coming artists. One specific piece he owns is Venus Anadyomeme, a work by Kehinde Wiley. Featuring a bold central figure, bright colours, and an attractively patterned wallpaper, Anadyomeme is stylish and thought-provoking at the same time.

With that piece and others like it, Neil Patrick Harris' apartment in Harlem is no doubt a cool place to spend time at a party. 

4. David and Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham have an extensive art collection worth approximately $40 million. Unlike some other collectors who gravitate toward specific artists, David and Victoria's art collection is based on a theme — love. It's an inspiring and yet simple theme that could take their collection in a million different directions.

One of their most well-known pieces is by artist Tracey Emin, called For You. Like many of Tracey Emin's pieces, this piece is a simple heart thats shaped from neon tubing. It's literally an electric piece that inspires and delights.

5. Elton John

Elton John's claim to fame is his talent as a singer, but his talent as a prolific art investor should be known as well. Most of his artistic interests are in photography, especially photographs featuring celebrity portraits.

One of his best success stories is his 1993 purchase of Glass Tears by Man Ray. At the time, the artwork was valued at $193,000. Today, that same piece is worth almost $2 million.

If all of Elton John's other investments work out the same way, there's no telling what his art collection is worth now. He likely used the same good instincts that prompted him to purchase Glass Tears to buy other pieces of art. If that's the case, Elton John could have a very valuable art collection indeed.

6. Jay-Z

The world knows him as a famous hip-hop singer but he is also a successful art collector. His tastes skew toward contemporary pieces like one of Andy Warhol's Roschach series. This piece is said to be hanging over his hearth. Together with his equally famous wife Beyonce, Jay-Z is a patron for a variety of artists. Beyonce has also been known to buy art from up-and-coming artists.

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