Bob Carlos Clarke & Patrick Lichfield Exhibition

Your Invited to the opening night of the

Bob Carlos Clarke & Patrick Lichfield Exhibition

13th of March, 6-10pm

Lyons Gallery, 248 Glenmore Rd, Paddington, New South Wales


Lyons Gallery presents the edgy work of Bob Carlos Clarke and Patrick Lichfield, two of the most suggestive and controversial photographers of all times. This is Australia's first exhibition showcasing these two artists, thanks to the collaboration with London's The Little Black Gallery.

Bob Carlos Clarke

Bob Carlos Clarke (1950-2006) was a prolific photographer, "often referred to as the British Helmut Newton". In his short life he had a strong impact upon and influenced the development of photography from the late 20th Century. Carlos Clarke was best known as a photographer of women in a state of undress, a subject that obsessed him long before he took up a camera. He established a body of work that was original, diverse, challenging and often beautiful. It was always striking: you couldn't walk past his pictures without emotion or reaction. Throughout his whole life, he wrestled continuously in the gulf between commerce and art.

Patrick Lichfield

Patrick Lichfield (1939–2005) was an internationally renowned photographer who worked for all the major fashion magazines. His pictures were exhibited worldwide, and he published several books during his career, with a retrospective 'Perceptions' published by Quadrille in 2012. Lichfield’s work is striking with a twist of a theatrics, that were indelibly associated with iconic images from the 1960s. When stars such as Joanna Lumley, Jane Birkin and Mick Jagger stepped in front of his camera. Even though Patrick Lichfield was known for this celebrating style and glamour photography. His nudes are something else, natural extension of what he did. When he saw the opportunity to make life beautiful, he felt he had a duty to do so.

“We are delighted to be exhibiting Bob Carlos Clarke and Patrick Lichfield in Australia for the very first time. Two great friends, two great photographers, and two great provocateurs. Sadly both departed but never forgotten".

Ghislain Pascal, co-founder, The Little Black Gallery

"This incredible exhibition never before seen in Australia is in my opinion, the definitive guide to undressing beautiful strangers and photographing them in such a way that it extenuates not only the curves, but the power and captivation of the female form. I personally have collected both of these photographers for over 25 years. Lichfield being the royal rascal and Carlos Clarke being the snapper of sin, their photographs have bought me, not only financial return but the dividend of having walls filled with passion. We are delighted to collaborate with The Little Black Gallery London to showcase these incredible talents here at The Lyons Gallery. ”

Darryn Lyons, founder of The Lyons Gallery