VIP MEDIA PREVIEW [November 15 2018 Event]

The opening of the Lyons Gallery, in the heart of Paddington, Sydney. 

An amazing space, and its limited-edition artwork, it's all thanks to Darryn Lyons who is the brainchild behind the new project. Transforming a historic quintessential terrace house into a home for never-before-seen photographs, its the art scene that completes the boutique suburb. 

Not new to the celebrity scene, Darryn Lyons is well known for his book and nickname “Mr. Paparazzi”, and for the last 30 years, has been an institution of photography in the UK. Becoming an insider into the world of high society, for three decades the man collected an outstanding collection of powerful images featuring celebrities, rockstars, artists, and actors including John Lennon, Lady Diana, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse. All on sale in the gallery, the space also boasts a collection of very limited edition artworks.

Situated nearby to Sydney’s iconic Oxford Street, the Lyons Gallery is now open to the public.

opening night lyons gallery

VIP Guests included Imogen Anthony, Tom Derickx, Nic Cheetham & Christian Wilkins, Tim Dormer, Ortenzia Borre, Mitch Morgan, Isabella Mamas & Yasmin Suteja, India Rose Thomas.

lyons gallery opening night guests