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For many people, buy art in Sydney can be a daunting and confusing process. If you are looking for art for sale in Sydney and would like to invest in some of the most prestigious and collected photography in the world, then The Lyons Gallery is the first stop for you. Read More

Created and founded by Darryn Lyons, a celebrated photographer in his own right, The Lyons Gallery is the home of high-end pop art, contemporary and fine art photography from names you know, and emerging artists too. Darryn has been at the forefront of contemporary culture throughout his career, winning awards for his photography like the Kodak UK Photographer of the Year and Time Life Photographer of the Decade – and then heading up Britain’s largest celebrity photo syndicate.

Created with the benefit of this considerable personal experience, knowledge and expertise, The Lyons Gallery is the destination for you if you are looking to buy art prints in Sydney.

Discover The Best Art Prints in Sydney

For paintings and similar artworks, prints are sometimes reproductions of the original, and sold at a lower price. Prints of paintings can be limited editions, and some can even be signed by the artist.

When it comes to photography, the terminology is slightly different – for a photograph to be processed, it needs to be printed in some way. Vintage photography is generally taken from transparencies or negatives and produced in dark rooms, whereas modern photography tends to be digitally produced.

This means that if you are buying photography art prints in Sydney, there are a few different terms that are used (and these usually determine the value, too). Original prints are a series of prints that have been approved by the artist for production.

The least expensive is ‘open edition’. These are an ideal starting place for new collectors, as they are usually unsigned and therefore less valuable than limited edition. There is no indication of how many were printed.

‘Limited edition’ prints have a set number in a certain size, have a Certificate of Authority (COA) and signed by the artist or estate representative or perhaps unsigned but authenticated by the estate.

The most exclusive and therefore most valuable are the ‘Artist Proofs’ or AP. These are extremely limited editions where the prints might need to be adjusted through colour or exposure, for example. The value of these comes from the rarity – only 1-5 are produced usually.

At the Lyons Gallery, we work hard to source exclusive and rare works from our featured artists, and this means that through our network of trusted buyers and collectors we have a global reach – so we can find what you need.

Sell Art in Sydney with The Lyons Gallery

The Lyons Gallery is more than just a series of exhibitions. We have a strong team of experts that are poised and ready to help you navigate the art market world – making it simple for you to buy art in Sydney.

The investment potential of art is something that has always been known – but these days the market has grown so much that it is not just for the aristocracy. If you want to find the perfect art for sale in Sydney or looking for an art consignment, we are here to help you discover that perfect piece – to begin your collection or complete it.

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