Collection: KAWS

Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS, is an American graffiti artist and designer known for his toys, paintings, and prints. He worked as an illustrator for Disney, and the influence of the mammoth entertainment company is evident in his cartoonish Companion series of figurines.

 Kaws art - the professional pseudonym of artist Brian Donnelly - is an acclaimed artist hailing from the United States of America, whose inspiration is drawn chiefly from his time working as an illustrator for Disney.

With tactile, cartoonish “Companion” figurines, exciting graffiti projects and bold paintings and prints, KAWS’ work is steeped in pop culture. He has experimented with a wide range of forms, from reworked advertisements to colourful multiples and even decorative teapots.

Here, you’ll find a little more about this prolific artist and discover why his pieces currently make for exceptional investment opportunities as well as superb display pieces or collectables in their own right.

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Kaws Art For Sale

Kaws art for sale most recognisable pieces are his “Companions”; toy-like figurines that vary in size, colour and design. They are usually cast in vinyl, with tactile features and highly emotive postures.

His works range considerably in proportion, with some standing at just over 10cm and others towering at over 850cm in height.

However, this prolific artist has been celebrated for his works across a range of different media. At The Lyons Gallery, our KAWS offering currently includes “Companion” pieces and lithographs of the artist’s graffiti work.

Why Buy KAWS Art?

KAWS shows no signs of waning in popularity - with the more than half-year long survey of his work at the Brooklyn Museum in his hometown of New York serving as evidence.

The artist’s success has gathered significant momentum worldwide, with a particularly large fan base in Asia and an exponential increase in the value of his work.

His “Companion” figurines can sell for almost ten times their original value on the resale market, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down - making the works a superb investment.

One of the major appeals of KAWS’ art is its significant collectability. The sheer number of available pieces and the variety of designs offers something almost hobby-like to those interested in investing in his work.

How to Find KAWS Art for Sale

The Lyons Gallery, currently offers a range of KAWS pieces art for sale in Sydney at our premises and online. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed and dated by the gallery.

In addition to the above, all “Companions” are stamped with manufacturers’ details on the underside of the foot, further proving that they are genuine. “Companions” are manufactured by Medicom Toys.

The prices of each piece we have for sale are available on application.

aThe Lyons Gallery also offers a 100 day free return guarantee to help our clients ensure that they have made the best decision when it comes to the purchase of any piece.

For further information about our KAWS artworks or to ask about other pieces we have available for purchase, simply contact one of our art dealers in Sydney today to speak to one of our specialist advisors on +61 423 596 655. We will be happy to offer our assistance and guidance.

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