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When you are investing in different mediums of art, the terminology used can be confusing and seemingly contradictory. For most art, a print might be seen as a lesser investment – but in photography, prints are part of the art itself and it is important to understand the different types of print – from limited edition prints to artist proofs.

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What Are Limited Editions Prints and Why Do They Matter?

The secret to good art, including photography, is the way the subject is captured – almost more than the subject itself. In other art forms, this might include the medium (paints, oils, graphite) and the base (canvas, paper).

In photography, all the details come together to make a picture worth investing in. The subject matter, lighting, colour, lens, type of camera – all important, but what makes a picture important can also be found in the way it has been produced.

Vintage photography becomes more sought-after when rarity is involved. Prints need to be created from negatives or transparencies and this means they are generally one-off images. Produced in dark rooms using original techniques, vintage prints obtain higher value because they cannot be reproduced easily.

For more modern artists, several ways of creating prints exist – and each is different. The method in taking the picture from a digital image to a physical print can be differentiated in several ways. The type of ink, paper and method of printing will all give different results.

For the type of print themselves, there are different types of print and each has a distinct value proposition depending on the artist.

An original print is a series of prints that have been approved by the artist for production. There are various types of original prints that are typically available from one digital image, although not all will be available for sale. The first is the open edition print. There is not usually a set number for these, and they are typically unsigned. Open edition prints are usually offered for more general sale and are typically the easiest to find and own for a collector.

A limited-edition print is a set number in a certain size of print that is either signed by the artist or authenticated. The fact that the prints were only produced in a limited number assigns them value thanks to their rarity.

The most valuable type of print – in terms of availability, at least – is the artist proofs (AP). These are created as part of the printing process to allow the artist to make changes to the way the picture is produced. APs often are one-off prints that have colour adjustments or exposure issues, as they have been produced to test the process. There are sometimes only as few as one or two produced, so they are definitely the rarest to find.

Find the Perfect Limited Edition Prints at the Lyons Gallery

We are constantly updating our collections and art for sale in Sydney with new work from our featured artists – so if you are in the market for a limited edition print then speak to our team. We have the experience, expertise, and interest to help you invest in the right art – and our limited-edition prints are a great investment for any collector.

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