Pina Ambrossino

The group of work is loosely based on the levity and joy that drinking wine brings. 


In exploring the balance between the world of the fully aware and the looseness of thoughts after consuming a few glasses is where I like to explore as sometimes inhibitions are lost, expression of ideas are bountiful.  The bottling up of emotions as well as the pouring out of feelings are also referenced in my artworks.


My work can be cheeky, visceral and notably fleshy. However it is imbued with deeper subtle nuances that aren't readily obvious to the viewer.  Working as an artist for over 25 years nothing has left me with the greater gift of introspection than being faced with ones own mortality. 


My figures are strong and often naked, bearing all and embracing the space that they consume. Limbs and breasts are often dissected, body parts not quite attached and the women are sometimes bald.  My artwork is a therapeutic approach to healing and of course flourishing. So let us drink to that.