David Bowie's 75th Birthday

An homage to the iconic popstar.

The icon, David Bowie would have celebrated his 75th birthday later this week. Bowie passed in early 2016 with his fans mourning the death of the beloved rock star. His friends and family are hosting a live-streamed event on the 8th of January to celebrate his life and continue to share Bowie’s influence and music to the world. 


Bowie has touched hundreds of millions, if not billions of people with his music. Beginning his career in the 1960s, it spanned 4 decades and he became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His music fell into multiple genres, including an eclectic mix of Art Rock, Glam Rock, Pop and Electric Experimental. 


Images of David Bowie are some of the most iconic photographs taken by world renowned photographers. These images range from Terry O’Neills “Yellow Suit” and “Diamond Dogs” to Brian Duffy’s classic “Aladdin Sane”. 


His iconic images have been recreated and reimagined. The Aladdin Sane photograph was reimagined by Michael Moebius, creating a black and white image, with Bowie’s right eye coloured blue and his lightning necklace gold. 


Award-winning photographer Markus Klinko also collaborated with Bowie, with last year marking their 20th anniversary since the commencement of their work together, which resulted in a friendship that lasted many years. 


Klinko’s photographs of Bowie appear in multiple major art galleries around the world, and are in high demand. The Lyons Gallery features the entire range of these sought after pieces, both in colour and black & white.


The Lyons Gallery is proud to offer such a wide selection of works featuring David Bowie and will be commemorating the beloved star with an online exhibition.


January 2, 2022
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