Caring for your New Print & Handling tips

We create your giclee prints with great care on the best materials available to us: museum quality archival paper and fully archival Ultrachrome pigment inks.

We provide sleeves and/or sheets made from polypropylene, an archival, acid-free, stable material that keeps the printed area safe from dust, moisture and other nasties. To avoid damage to your print, keep it protected by these sleeves/sheets until it is framed.


When handling your new print, support the long sides of the sheet with both hands and protect any area to be touched with folded acid free tissue paper or clean white cotton gloves. Always avoid touching the printed area, as the oils from your hands can affect the substrate and any fingerprints on dark areas will show up as sheen.

If you find dust on your prints, use compressed air to avoid touching the print surface. Never blow on the print to remove dust - any moisture can affect the substrate.

Use two hands to support your print so that it doesn’t bend. A crease in the print will be permanent.

The cardboard box/tube your print is packaged in is not archival and so isn’t suitable for long-time print storage. If you plan to keep your print in a tube or box, ensure that the prints remain covered in their sleeve/sheeting.


When getting your print framed, choose a conservation framer that will use materials that will help prolong the life of your prints. (UV absorbing sheeting, acid free mats etc.)


Works on paper are highly sensitive to the effects of light. Your print should not be exposed to direct sunlight, unfitted fluorescent lamps, or the heat of incandescent bulbs. They should never be left uncovered while they’re not on display.