Fine Art Mutual Fund

You’ve probably already heard of mutual funds where you pool your money with the money of other investors so that you can invest in a portfolio of assets such as stocks and bonds. This is a way to invest in portfolios that you wouldn’t be able to afford alone. In the same way, it’s possible to be part of a fine art mutual fund which enables you to invest in artworks to add to your portfolio. Read More

At The Lyons Gallery in Paddington, we specialise in helping art investors to find the perfect art for sale in Sydney & Australia wide. Our curators and investment specialists have a wealth of knowledge not just of the investment process itself but of contemporary, pop art, urban art and fine art photography from some of the most popular and investment-worthy artists in the world. We’re here to help you to buy your investment pieces through a contemporary fine art mutual fund and to give advice on all aspects of art investment.

Based in Sydney, in the sophisticated Darlinghurst area, our landmark building has two floors of high-end art which will grace any investment portfolio. Offering originals and limited-edition artworks from some of the most prestigious and collectable photographers in the world, we’re a perfect choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of a mutual fund for fine art investment.

Why Invest into a Contemporary Fine Art Mutual Fund

Many collectors have chosen to invest in art simply because they love it and enjoy seeing it hanging on the walls of their homes or businesses. However, there is more to art collecting than just enjoyment. In the last twenty years or so, the art market has experienced considerable growth which means that it’s not just the super-rich who can take advantage of the benefits of art investment. And certainly, when you become part of an art mutual fund arrangement, you can reap the benefits without having to make a considerable financial contribution.

As the global demand for art increases, investors are seeing a substantial increase in the value of their investments. An increase which isn’t affected in the same way as other investment tools such as stocks and shares. This means that whether you choose to buy art as an investment as an individual or through a contemporary art mutual fund, you can look forward to a significant return on your investment.

Lyons Gallery Can Help With Your Fine Arts Mutal Fund

We all know that markets go up and down. However, since the 1950s, investment in the art market has grown steadily, even during the periods of downturn for other investments tools. For this reason, mutal funds for fine art is becoming an increasingly favourable investment asset and has proved to be an excellent portfolio diversification tool during times of economic uncertainty.

The team here at The Lyons Gallery Australasia can offer specialist advice for anyone who is thinking of diversifying their assets into art market galleries or who would like to take advantage of an art mutual fund to add to their investment portfolios. We have a wide range of high-end original and limited edition prints available which will appeal to anyone who loves contemporary photography, pop art, and pop culture and are happy to help you to choose the right pieces for your portfolio.

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Step 1. Entrust us your Artwork

In order to sell your work with The Lyons Gallery, you will have to give us images of your artwork and its details.

This will help our qualified team to assess and accept your submissions as well as provide complimentary estimates for items that can be valued for consignment.

Step 2. Your art goes on our walls

At the Lyons Gallery, we start working with both current and novel clients who reach out to us in our gallery, visit our website, or respond to our paid social media campaigns in order to promote your work.

A physical consignment always means that your art goes on our walls in the gallery too for any clients who visit us.

Step 3. Lyons Gallery sells your art

Rest assured, diligence is our motto when it comes to updating you on all offers for your consignment.

Complimentarily, our experienced logistics team arranges delivery to the client. Upon the acceptance of an offer, we make sure to deliver payment to you within 14 working days.

Consign artworks by

Tony Kelly - Helmut Newton - Douglas Kirkland - Andy Warhol - Terry O'Neill - Banksy - Michael Moebius - Norman Parkinson - Slim Aarons - Invader - Brian Duffy - Mario Testino - FORMENTO + FORMENTO - Jamie Nelson - SHAAZ JUNG - Bob Carlos Clarke - Patrick Lichfield - The Connor Brothers - Roy Lichtenstein - Paul Nicklen - Nick Leary - Irving Haberman - Gary Heery - Harry Skeggs - Milton H Greene - Van Donna - E$COBAR - Frank Worth - Masayoshi Sukita - Lord Snowdon - Playboy Consign


Zero liability for Artists

At the Lyons Gallery, consigning your art is not only free, but also a seamless process that is worthy of an art resell.

We offer our clients a zero-obligation estimate on what your piece could be sold for. Our experienced consultants always make sure that you receive the most competitive offers.

We are renowned in the Industry

The Lyons Gallery personnel are qualified and trained to advise, offer value estimates and sell your art with our expertise and experience.

We have a Global Reach

The Lyons Gallery is international.

On top of our flagship gallery in Sydney, we have a global network of trusted buyers and collectors. This makes us confident in finding just the right buyer for your work and reaping the best sales expectations.

Private Sales

There are moments when you wish you could discreetly sell your asset. The Lyons Gallery recognises that and whilst we normally provide maximum exhibition of your artwork internationally, we also entertain private sales requests. You just have to let us know. Consign

The Lyons Gallery is uniquely positioned to offer advice, provide estimates and market your artwork.


Ready to consign your Artwork?

At the Lyons Gallery, consigning your art is a seamless process. It’s an easy 3-steps process. First, you submit your artwork alongside its images and details at zero charge. Then, we take care of promoting your work. Eventually, we sell your art and deliver payment to you. All along the way, our experienced consultants always make sure that you receive the best advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, The Lyons Gallery is currently only accepting work on consignment from the artists listed above.

We do not accept direct artist submissions.

To accept your consignment, The Lyons Gallery will require your first and last name, email address and phone number. This is so our advisors can contact and advise you to the best they can. The artist and artwork name, a brief description, COA if applicable, the provenance,  and a high-res image of the consignment will also be required.

Once a request has been sent, The Lyons Gallery consultants will typically contact within 3-5 business days with an estimate.

The Lyons Gallery accepts as many artworks for assessment as you wish as long as they are within the consignment guidelines.

At The Lyons Gallery it is free to consign artworks. This is why we do not charge to offer an estimate of your work. Upon the sale of your work, the gallery takes a commission.

Our aim is to sell your work within the 90 day consignment period. Obviously, the sale can either be much quicker or at times take a little longer.

It is free to consign works with The Lyons Gallery. We only take a commission upon sale.

The Lyons Gallery pays for shipping costs to any buyer and collects the artwork with one of our couriers complimentary. However, international clients may be required to cover packing and shipping costs to the gallery.

If an artwork does not sell at The Lyons Gallery after the agreed consignment period, this period may be prolonged or you can choose to keep the piece.