Photography and Art to enhance your Interior Design


Art and photography in interior design is no longer preserved for collectors and celebrities. Whether they are signed from an emerging, an established, or blue-chip artist, a way to quench one’s thirst for buying photography and art in interior design is becoming increasingly trendy. This is satiable through a suave confluence of art and photography flawlessly incorporated in your interior space.

At the Lyons Gallery, we are passionate about making fine art photography accessible to a broad spectrum of society desiring to buy and collect works. Whether one is a novice or an expert collector, what matters is the blissful combination of aesthetic appreciation and the satisfaction of acquiring a great piece for your home.

In this article, we’ll highlight four reasons why the right art and photography pieces are worth decking the walls and spaces of your home interior design.

Modern Art & Fine Art Photography add sophistication and chicness to a room

Modern and Fine Art Printing are visually striking. They are the first place where a viewers' eyes land when they enter the room as well as the emphasis point around which interior designers can choose to design a room. The right piece of fine art photography provides the opportunity to display your personality and colourful or bold taste, alongside the charm of bringing back fond memories. And a balanced collection of well-known and lesser-known artists may be just the start of conversations at parties.

Art & Rugs spice up trendy muted walls

A beautifully designed room is a wonderful thing. If you can bring together the walls, floor and artwork in a space, it can look stunning. A rug is indeed a floor artwork. Muted walls are in vogue now, and complementary wall art and rug art can work a marvel to render your interiors vibrant and lively. Matching rugs to a colour in your art makes for a polished look as is marrying the rug design to the art style. Yet, it is essential not to let your wall art and rug compete. For instance, if there’s a bold colour or pattern in your rug, your art would ideally be void of bold colours and strong patterns in order to maintain balance.

Artistic photography has a Healing and Therapeutic Power

Perhaps the most potent reason to invest in original art prints is that art is beautiful. Art promotes joy, peace, serenity, and most importantly, imagination. Visual art has a strong, positive physiological effect on the brain, and it does not have to be necessarily labelled as therapeutic art. Fengshui literally means wind-water and Fengshui interior design emphasises the arrangement and orientation of various art pieces in a room, particularly the use of colour and the benefit of symbols. Indeed, the value of art goes well beyond the wealth that could be created by investing in art – it gives an interior a purpose, probably an escape zone for your relaxation and healing. Not only does it give something meaningful to look at or think about, but it makes for a good and peaceful life.

Limited Editions & Original Art grow in value

Over the years, the Lyons Gallery has seen art increasing in value as it ages – especially those created by a deceased artist. Limited edition prints and original art have a texture, translucency, application colour and scale of the canvas that a reproduction will not have. Yet, a reproduction is a great way to support an artist when one cannot buy original or limited edition art prints. Regardless, based on the artist and the artwork itself, art appreciates in value. It also naturally hedges against inflation. Hence, art in your interior design is a smart way to make home glamourous. What’s more, for small businesses with a turnover of less than 10 million, art purchases for your business can entitle you to a 100% tax deduction allowance to spend up to $150,000 (per item).

At the Lyons Gallery, we provide guidance to new art enthusiasts, interior designers and experienced collectors. To get started with your art collection, or to boost your current collection, stop by at our gallery or shop our online gallery today.