Brigitte Bardot, 1971 (colourised)
Terry O'Neill

Brigitte Bardot, 1971 (colourised)

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of this iconic image, one of Terry O’Neill’s bestselling fine-art prints. Taken on the set of the film The Legend of Frenchie King (Les Pétroleuses), O’Neill would often speak about how he managed to capture the moment on film.  “I noticed that when the wind gusted there was the potential for a great picture. When the time came, I only had a few frames left – my last shots. But suddenly the wind swept her hair across her face, and I knew it was a knock-out.” 
Authorised by the Estate of Terry O'Neill, this new edition brings a whole new life to this classic work. Artist Clayton Hickman, known for his work on images of The Beatles and Dr. Who, meticulously mimicked the colours by using source materials directly from the O’Neill archive as well as footage from the film.  

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