going - RJ Williams X Helmut Newton
going - RJ Williams X Helmut Newton
RJ Williams

going - RJ Williams X Helmut Newton

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This series uses RJ’s grandmother as his muse (in the prime of her prolific modelling career), who was the face of the Hordern Group (ever heard of the Hordern pavilion?), the Myer Group, iconic Australian brands like Ryvita and Sleepmaker, along with many more. Marie Spies (née Roberts) was also (ironically) the face of Mark Foys Department store, a building that now houses the Downing Centre Courthouse which has seen more than one graffiti artist through its doors.

Helmut Newton needs no introduction and his story is one for the ages. From spending time in an Australian internment camp in 1940 to the dizzying heights as one of the most sought after and imitated photographers on the planet. His untimely and accidental death in a car accident leaving the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood in 2004 punctuates Newton’s story as verging on the almost unbelievable.

102cm x 102cm
signed by RJ Williams Each work individually embellished
$6,500 + GST unframed


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